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New Addition to the Research Centre
Tuesday, 21 January 2014 22:52

While it has been a long time since our last update we wanted to let people know that a big part of that delay was in having a new baby girl - Indiah Wylie. Born on March the 1st 2013 she is now a very healthy and beautiful (well we think so anyway) 10 month old. The newest addition to the Euakafa family already loves the water and we hope to show her the island in early 2014. Thanks also to everyone for their patience - we are almost back up and running and are hoping for a very productive 2014.


Christmas photo in blowup pool granparents place

National Geographic Grand Prize Win for Richard Wylie
Monday, 08 October 2012 10:04

National Geaographic and La Mer combined to celebrate World Oceans Day by inviting photographers from around the world to enter their International Photography Contest - open from May until July 2012. Out of thousands of entries Richard Wylie's photo "Weedy Seadragon in the Light" (please see below) was named the Grand Prize winner. Totalling in excess of $27,000 the Grand Prize is a 12 day trip for two aboard the National Geographic Photographic Expedition ship 'Sea Lion' to Alaska with return airfares from Australia.

In response to being named the Grand Prize winner Richard commented that "Being a marine biologist I have always felt incredibly privileged to work and play in an environment that I truly love, and feel that my photography deeply reflects that passion. Receiving top honours in a competition designed to increase awareness about the world’s ocean therefore is a wonderful combination. I think that every wildlife photographer dreams of someday being recognised by the National Geographic in some way, but winning the Grand Prize in such a prestigious competition is beyond a dream come true for me. I can’t think of a more fantastic prize than winning a berth on a National Geographic Expedition ship, and having the chance to immerse myself in this incredible experience really is the opportunity of a lifetime. To be honest I still can’t believe that I’ve won the Grand Prize and suspect that it won’t be real until I’m boarding the plane to Alaska. Thank you so much to La Mer and National Geographic for this incredible honour."



For further information about the National Geographic La Mer compeition please follow the link below:

Winner of the National Geographic La Mer Oceans Photography Compeition


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